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The Innovation Commons

Welcome to our commercial ‘space in common’, where UK universities, business consultants and forward-thinking investors come together to share ideas, opinions, expertise and resources on brand-new technology innovations and under-exploited intellectual property (IP), and create effective collaborative business opportunities.


Much more than a mere repository of IP, The Innovation Commons is a thriving marketplace with a history of delivering commercial success. And it’s growing.


IP creators, such as universities and SMEs, can test their early-stage ideas at minimal cost, using the wisdom of our approved commercial crowd to learn which are the best opportunities for development and exploitation.


Consultants can offer expert advice on exciting new commercial developments, while showcasing their consultancy skills and services to potential new business partners.


Investors can discover genuine opportunities, rated by experts, for successful collaborations with burgeoning commercial projects, many of which enjoy full IP protection.


Join the IP crowd – or browse our sections above to find out more…


The Innovation Commons is partnering with the Technology Strategy Board, and has been supported by funding bodies such as JISC.